Neighborhood Watch sign

Welcome to
New Braintree's Neighborhood Crime Watch

Who are We? We are all New Braintree resident volunteers.

Where are we? We are in your neighborhood, around bus stops, around our school, watching over
your homes when you are away, and assisting in the reporting of lost pets

How are we serving? In our vehicles, on foot, on bikes, out jogging, and from our homes.

Why are we needed?There has been concern about crimes and break-ins in this area and the
Police Department and concerned residents thought this would be a proactive way to help deter would be criminals.

What we are not is a tattle tale team. We are not out there spying on our neighbors. We are the eyes
and ears for our community. We are always looking for volunteers. If you would like to join please see the community calendar
for our monthly meeting.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: "Look around as you're driving through town"