Agricultural Commission
Scott Metcalf
Herb Pollard
Paul Schur, Chairman
Lisa Trum-Searah
Joanie Walker, Secretary
AgComm Information

Meet 1st Monday 7PM

Joe Chenevert
Andrea Letendre
Office Hours Tuesday 9-12

Meet 3rd Wednesday 7PM
Property Tax Information

Board of Health
Justin Schur
Greg Dwelly/Paul Thompson

Meet 1st Wednesday 7:30PM

Cemetery Commission
Leslie Miller
Roger Ostiguy
Marty Goulet

Meetings as Needed

Conservation Commission
James Brown/ Therese Goulet
Lee McLaughlin
Joanne Thompson
Thomas Brohan
ConComm Webpage
Meet 2nd Wednesday 7PM

Council on Aging
Marie Mochi
Carolyn Glidden
Marge Wissiup

Meet 2nd Tuesday 7PM

Finance Committee
Glenn Merkel
Renee Gregoire
Leslie Miller

Meetings as Needed

Historical Commission
Richard Barrett
Cynthia Kennison
Deborah Morrison
New Braintree Historical Commission Website

Meet 1st Thursday 7PM

Library Trustees
Kathleen Davis Brown
Mary Lefevre/Joe Chenevert
Heidi Waugh/Margie Wissiup

Meet last Wed 6PM

Friends of the Library

Parks & Recreation Committee
Paul LaRoche
Joseph Salvadore
David Thompson/Scott Morin

Meetings as Needed

Personnel Board
Select Board
Finance Commitee
Claire Reavey

Meetings as Needed


Planning Board
Jason Ayer
Jeffery Howland/Paul LaRoche
Genevieve Stillman

Meet 1st Monday 7PM

Select Board
Joe Chenevert
William Howland
Randy Walker - Chairperson

Meet 2nd & 4th Monday 6PM

Veteran's Agent
William Kleinedler

Meet 2nd Monday 7-9PM

Zoning Board of Appeals
Kathleen Davis Brown
Jennie Hope
Art Rossi
Alternates-Stephanie Benoit/
Corwin Castonguay

Meetings as Needed

Zoning By-Laws Review Committee
Bob Andrews/Richard Barrett
Corwin Castonguay
Forrest Morin/Dick Reavey
Art Rossi/Tom Stott
Solar Energy Facilities Bylaw
Meetings as Needed


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