Public Record Requests & List of Records Access Officers (RAO) for the Town of New Braintree

Town Adminstrator - Katie Tyler- Super RAO for Town Admin/Selectmen & all Selectmen appointed committees
(not identified here) - selectboard@newbraintree.org
Town Clerk -Jessica Bennett - RAO for Town Clerk Elected Boards (not identified here)
Fire Chief-Dennis Letendre - RAO for all fire department related public record
Police Chief-Chief Jimmy Ayotte - RAO for all police department related public records

Town Official Office Hours/Phone Numbers

Town Administrator-Katie Tyler - Monday-Wednesday - 8AM-4PM
Town Clerk-Jessica Bennett-Monday 7-9PM & 1st Saturday of the Month-9-11AM -508-867-2071
Town Treasurer/Tax Collector-Janet Pierce-Monday 7-9PM - 508-867-2071 - taxcollector@newbraintree.org
Town Auditor-Christina DeVries-508-867-2071 - townauditor@newbraintree.org
Highway Department Superintendent-Richard Ayer-508-867-2451
Animal Inspector-Traci Eaves-Brearley- 413-335-0889
Building Inspector/Assistant-Brianna Skowyra/Bob Legare-978-434-1839
Electrical Inspector-Don Manseau- 413-436-0051
Gas/Plumbing Inspector-Ed Kent- 413-204-1140

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