Neighbor Watch
Sunday, March 25, 2012

Held at the Town Hall
20 Memorial Drive
New Braintree, MA  01531

PRESENTPolice Chief Bert DuVernay, Linda and Steve Grady, Bob and Noreen Buchard, Cindy Cheevers, Karen and Ken Weglarz, Renee Gregoire, Robert Hunt, Jeannie Moulton, Susie Mulliken, and Sue Ellen Stott, were present. Robert Hunt opened the meeting at 5:00. 

GUESTS: No Guests were in attendance 


1. Review of the New Braintree Neighborhood Crime Watch fact sheet
2. Review of map of New Braintree relative to where current Watch members reside
3. Review the Neighborhood Watch Manual
4. Address the internal communications issue amongst current Watch members
5. Discussion of recent neighborhood watch incident in Florida

REPORTS OF COMMITTEES: There are no sub-committees to report at this time.

ADJOURNMENT: At 6PM the meeting was adjourned by Robert Hunt.

CONTACT: Susie Mulliken 413-477-8444 for questions regarding the Neighborhood Watch